Rain Bird Irrigation Auditing, the best way to save water and money!


Win a complete audit of your golf irrigation system with Rain Bird!


Irrigation auditing is a proven method to effectively maximize the usage of water within automatic irrigation systems. Rain Bird customers have seen the benefits of including an irrigation audit into water conservation programs, with reduced water consumption and improved overall efficiency of their irrigation systems.

Rain Bird irrigation audits consist of three main activities:

  • system inspection from reservoir to sprinkler,
  • performance testing,
  • irrigation scheduling.

Each activity in itself can result in significant water and energy savings.

On-site technical inspection is described in a detailed report based upon the analysis of the measurements carried out on site.


On-Site visit consists:

  • golf irrigation systemMeasurement of sprinkler precipitation and uniformity of application.
  • Inspection of sprinkler selection, positioning, operating conditions and available water pressure.
  • Calculation of irrigation programming considering sprinkler precipitation rates and plant requirements.
  • Check of hydraulic network pipe sizes, regulation, balance of sub network, and working conditions.
  • Check of electrical network cable sizing, protection and working conditions.
  • Water resource plus pumping plant analysis of condition, operation and adaptation based upon quantity and quality of available water.
  • Central control system operation analysis and adaptation to actual requirements taking into account the system limits.

3 irrigation auditings of £ 2,000 each and 3 iPads mini, offered. 

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