Rain Bird IC System

Simplified Design

Simplify your system’s design by eliminating up to 90% of the wire and all of the decoders and satellites. 

That not only removes unsightly components from your course, but eliminates a lot of unneeded wire costs from your bottom line.


Streamlined installation

Dramatically cut installation cost and time by eliminating most of the wire and many of the vulnerable splices.

  • No satellites or decoders
  • Up to 90% less wire
  • Up to 50% less splices


Easy Expandability

IC Systems are built with your future in mind. If your system ever needs expanded, you can add additional IC rotors, sensor inputs or relay outputs anywhere there is a Maxi Wire.


Pinpoint control and diagnostics

With a control module built into every rotor you can quickly narrow in on problems and make precise adjustments from anywhere. 

  • Access diagnostics and control rotors from anywhere with a web-enabled smart phone or tablet.
  • Check the status of up to 1,500 individual rotors in 90 seconds or less.
  • Manage all troubleshooting through diagnostics built into the central control software.


A Revolutionary New Approach.

With an innovative design that removes unneeded decoders, satellites and wires from your irrigation system, Rain Bird® IC System™ offers big time- and money-saving advantages on the way to world-class results.

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